Free Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup is free softaware that you can used for making dan presenting 3D model, and also for designing like house, building and many more thing.The designing report can saved,exported or maked a movie and also ploted.there are more hundred an engineering drawing, contruction, arsitektur, grapic design, interior and landscape in it's galery.You can used version 7 now and all free:
where you get free : you can download here

Adata DDR2 2GB PC800

Adata DDR2 2GB PC800 The greath memory card from taiwan

Fitur : 240 pin unbeffered DiMM,maximum 6,4 GB/s Bandwith,2EDEC standart 1,8+/-0.IV power supplay,64 M x 8 component configuration,CAS latency 5/6,4 bank,Off chip driver(OCD) impedance adjustment,and on die termination(ODT)


where to buy Adata DDR2 2GB PC800 :

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